Good Grief the Girl is Natural

So basically, I’ve been natural since March 2013, which is when I decided to say “I know I’m going to look weird and people are probably going to think I’m crazy, but I’m cutting all my hair off”. Well, just as I had predicted people did think I was crazy, I got all types of rude stares and some people even laughed at me. I was still in HighSchool when I did the big chop and it was my senior year. I kept thinking to myself did I make the right decision ? If I ever thought I was a tad bit unattractive, I thought it a thousand times more. Everywhere I went it felt like everyone was staring at me ! Here I was, a short, skinny, flat-chested girl with a big nose and a GAP in my teeth and I thought it was conveniently ok to cut all my hair off lol. I am here to assure you that it was eventually ok ! I hated it at first but grew to love it, my hair grew quick and I was getting the hang of it. The first couple of months I wore weaves: hard wraps, braids, you name it. I even had a hard wrap curly mohawk for my prom which was inspired by a Keyshia Kaior. I started wearing it out once it grew long enough for me to pin it, add twists, do mohawks/fro-hawks, do twist outs, braid outs etc. Soon enough, I went from being stared at to getting a load full of compliments everywhere I went. I added color and I have been semi-permanent color crazy every since( I get tired of the honey blonde). People have came up to me and said that my hair inspired them to do something different, and that makes me smile. A lady I work with said to me “Yana, I wish I had your confidence”, which is crazy to me because I’d think I’m the last person anyone would ever say that to, I was so insecure.At the end of the day, your appearance is what you make it. Going natural was by far one of the best decisions I could make. My hair isn’t the best and I have my ups and downs with it breaking off because of tension ( can’t wear the high puff everyday ) but it’s worth it.Not only did my hair grow back healthier but I enjoyed the versatility and the confidence I gained within my journey. If you’re thinking about going natural go for it, don’t worry about what others think because they’ll be the same ones complimenting you on it or wishing they could do it later. 

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