Society, you know.. that huge contradiction on why you shouldn’t do this and that even though it’s people out here doing way worse things than whatever it is. Society frowns upon anything out of the “norm”. I am one of those few people out there who rarely ever agrees with anything society has to say. Why? must you ask ? isn’t society the same little asshole who told me I should have straight hair because my natural hair texture isn’t professional or appeasing to the eye. Well, look at how many black women are natural now. I think somebody was tired of society taking away from our culture. Another thing is hair color, it’s crazy how when black girls color their hair it’s ghetto but when other races do it, it’s accepted. I change my hair so much and it’s always a different color, because who cares about the crazy stares I’m going to get at work. Who cares about the dumb, insulting questions I get like ” did you use koolaid in your hair?”(I’ve never used Kool-Aid to dye my hair that is a disgrace..kool-aid is for drinking people)! Society tells us that women should either be super model skinny or thick (wait for it) but not too thick because being plump isn’t attractive. Women are made in all different shapes and sizes and all of them should be loved equally. People cannot alter their genetics and plus some people actually enjoy chicken & waffles instead of Greek yogurt. Everybody cannot live the chobani life ! ¬†Lastly, how is cigarettes one of the leading causes of cancer and leads to illness and death but.. Marijuana is illegal ? Why aren’t cigarettes illegal America ? Most people who smoke marijuana aren’t grandma snatchers, rapists, or mass murderers but society says otherwise. Society brainwashes people into focusing on things that don’t really matter and aren’t harmful to anyone else. The only thing these things are harmful to is other people’s opinion. Society can kiss my ass.

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