Hi, I’m Shy..

The truth is..for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a shy, timid, girl. People follow me on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, & Snapchat and assume I’m some outgoing person that haves a lot of fun and gets a lot of attention from people. In reality, I’m just a shy girl trying to get out of my box. In high school I only had a few friends and I kept to myself, I didn’t think people were for me because they were so judgmental there. I had low self-esteem and I was still finding myself. I really stayed off of the scene until about my senior year. All of this newfound attention really started the summer after my first year of college when I started  going to parties. For me, meeting new people has always been hard. I will literally start stuttering and jumbling my words up and even shaking for some strange reason. If someone I find attractive is walking my direction I instantly walk the other way or look down at my phone and pretend I’m texting.Another thing is, if I see someone out in public who I know follows me on social media I won’t say anything. I don’t do this because I’m trying to be phony or rude, I am really just that shy. What’s crazy is I have a friend that is completely opposite ! I watch her enter new environments and make friends with people in 2.5 seconds; while me on the other hand is hoping nobody says anything to me. I actually prefer having friends who are more outgoing than me because I can be myself and open up more.Vibes are everything to me, it makes the environment either a good one or bad. I like people who are friendly and welcoming. The less I feel welcome the quieter I usually get. I’m a very observant person when being in new places. I’m a completely different person once you get me past the shy phase. The girl you see on social networks isn’t really me at all, it’s just the tidbits and pieces of me. You don’t know the whole person. Don’t get offended if I don’t speak to you, I promise I don’t think I’m “that girl”. I simply don’t want to cause anymore attention to myself than I already do. 


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