It ain’t Ralph though..

When I got to middle school I seemed to like expensive things & name brand clothes but that’s only because I somehow figured my authentic labels made me cool. To this day I still remember this girl saying some bizzare shit like “My mama got five kids and I still dress better than all of ya’ll”. By dress better than ya’ll she meant she wore authentic coogi. At the time, I wasn’t aware of how cheap coogi was, now that I think about it I am dying laughing as I type this. To prove a point, I had my mom buy me a bright pink coogi shirt and I wore it to school. The next day at school, I knew I would attract attention to myself because people did “jean checks” and dumb shit like that. So here I am struttin through the halls with my bright ass coogi shirt like I was the baddest 7th grader in America and here comes the haters. I was on my way to class and a girl that resembled a rabbit came up to me and asked in the most annoying voice “Is that real coogi?”. I did not reply to her, I just stared like I didn’t understand the question. Someone sent her over there to ask me that and I had a good idea of who this mystery hater was. The girl was examining my shirt like she was getting paid for it. She found the stupid tag and said “oh, it’s real, why didn’t you say anything?”. Just because someone doesn’t wear expensive things or doesn’t bragg about something doesn’t mean they don’t have it. If she would’ve just minded her business, she wouldn’t of had that dumb look on her face. Plus, I heard that girl who made the dumb ass comment has like 5 kids of her own now. BOOM.Karma.



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