In life, change is inevitable and whether it’s good or bad it will always be a transition. Although I know these things now,  I’ve never taken change well. When I was twelve, I cried because I had to change middle schools. I mean I only had the same peers since I was five and I wasn’t sure how I would do in a new city full of strangers. I would have to make new friends & I know now that my social anxiety prevented a lot of that from happening. I was a shy, timid, and somewhat awkward middle schooler, hadn’t found my way in a lot things yet. It was bad. However, I eventually overcame the obstacles and horrors of middle school and became friends with a few people good people and found my way. What I can never wrap my mind around is when people change. Sometimes I am so stuck on how a person was when we first met that I don’t even want to acknowledge the obvious and clear change in character. The question is: was there really a change ? Or were they always like that and I just was too blind to see ? I never understood how you could be one person today and a whole different person tomorrow, that’s just never been my style. Either you like me the way I am or you don’t, but you will not change who I am as a person. I’ve experienced people change when I’ve gotten new friends, a new relationship with a guy or even when they became close with someone new. Why can’t we just be ourselves ? I wonder why is it that when we get new people in our life, we try so hard to impress them that we forget about the people who were there first. I’ve noticed that people take a lot more interest in things they never cared about before when they start hanging out with new people, because that’s what THEY do. If you have to change who you are to be friends with someone or to get someone to like you, are they really your friend ? I think people change in a negative way because they are followers. They want things that another person appears to have. Humble yourself and be yourself . That’s really the only way to go. 

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