Bleach & Ammonia

I don’t really like the smell of bleach, it brings up hurtful things 

Painful memories etched in my brain I wish it was just a dream 
Or a nightmare I should say..

how could things go so left ? I wish I could ask you today 

Her whole wardrobe was bleached , heels broken, and torn apart 

I guess you thought you’d kill her confidence, but you had already killed her heart..
She was never materialistic so she could care less about the clothes.. I think you closed our door so we wouldn’t suffer from the toxic fumes that arose 

2 thoughts on “Bleach & Ammonia

  1. WOW! I couldn’t have said it better!! You are so talented!! I never pressured you to write for the world to see your talent I figured time would eventually show you your confidence. Do me a favor and never stop!


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