Someone is walking in your direction..oh shit ! you better hurry up & shift to the opposite side..

You’re walking in the function with your friend but nobody knows you..

don’t say anything just stand there and pretend to be on IG

let people assume you’re stuck up, they think that anyway

Someone walking past recognizes you from social media and they say Hey !

Give them a stale “Hi” but don’t stop to make conversation or physical contact cause that’ll be awkward… cause you’re awkward

Someone you think is attractive is in the same room as you, how you gone act ?

Ima shut my ass up , I don’t know him

This is the perfect chance to network ! She’s already talking to you, give that lady your business card..

No, she’s probably just gonna throw my card in the trash.

Ok class, we’re going to start by introducing ourselves and also state a fact about you that nobody knows.

A chance for everyone to look at me ? Oh no baby what is you doing ..

-Uncomfortable…. af

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