Beauty/Style Q&A

  1. What is One fashion rule you never break?

I’m not even sure what this question actually means because I honestly break all rules! I haven’t purposely followed a trend because it was “popular” since middle school.  For you all who don’t remember what middle school is, it is a brief period of time in your adolescence that feels like sixty-seven years of getting in trouble for passing notes, jealousy, mean ass kids, and trying to fit in. In middle school you HAD to wear whatever was in or your life was over !! However, I have realized since then that other people’s opinions on what I wear or do isn’t my business. I do what I want when it comes to fashion.


  1. What interests you in Makeup?

When it comes to makeup I love it all, from natural glam to special effects but I really aspire to be an editorial makeup artist. In my spare time I find myself gazing at the women in magazine pages, they are always so well put together but in a natural way. I love makeup that just looks like skin and soft eye makeup with natural looking brows. It amazes me how makeup can be so natural but so breathtaking and beautiful. However, I enjoy doing full glam as well and wouldn’t mind getting into bridal makeup. No matter the look, I really enjoy how I make people feel after the service, it’s refreshing ! Loving what I do makes me so happy.


  1. What styling advice would you give to your younger self??

Hmmm, I’d probably tell my younger self to maybe look past the ugly, colorful ecko red sneakers when I see them in the mall. I begged my grandma to get them for me my seventh grade year and they were awful !


  1. How would you describe a perfect Makeup look and is there a person who is an inspiration to you for this?

I live for a nice, natural look with a light smoky eye, pop of color in the inner crease paired with a nude lip. That look is pretty much my go to when I do my own makeup and Pat McGrath is a huge inspiration to most of my looks!

  1. One tip you would like to give to the readers?

A tip I’d like to give to the readers would be to LOVE what you do, work hard, learn &maintain a positive attitude because those are the key things you need to be successful!


I love ya’ll, thanks for reading !


Twitter: @yanadoesthat_ Instagram: @create.yana & @beautynthebrowz_

Facebook: Yana Sims


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