Are you interested in/dating a clout chaser ?

So boom, it’s the year 2018 and let’s be real, going viral and gaining social media popularity has become one of the sickest trends in history. With that being said, we have all been around or known someone who was strangely addicted to being seen. Some people take being in the spotlight so seriously that it becomes unhealthy in daily life, this is a term we refer to as clout chasing.

Clout chaser a person who hangs out with or talks to someone because of how popular they are.

Here are a few signs that your IG crush may be a clout chaser and how to avoid dealing with those cringe worthy type of people.

#1 They check their likes …often

So there’s nothing wrong with going back to a picture to see who checked out your latest post, especially if you’re checking to see if your crush liked it ( the whole reason you posted the pic in the first place lmao ) but if you notice that a person is constantly checking while you’re with them, something is terribly wrong. Social media shouldn’t take over your life and likes shouldn’t validate who you are.

#2 They brag about how many likes they have

Ok sis.. or bro ( whichever you prefer ) if this person is making a point to tell you exactly how many likes they have on their new picture, that’s a little ..obsessive. When a person tells you how many likes they have, check to see if they have a big ass koolaid smile on their face. If they have this dumb ass smile you should then ask to see the post. Then if it so happens that the post is them half naked, bent over, twerking etc. RUN my guy. If it’s a male and he’s smiling about how many likes he has and it’s just a post of him with designer on.. well he corny for checking his likes period. Usually these people are extremely self centered and live in lala land.

#3 They are checking for YOUR likes

Self explanatory but if a person is interested in your likes on social media and making comments about it, are they really interested in you or your popularity ? Likes don’t equate to being a good person which is what matters the most. Stay away from people who make you feel lame for not getting as many likes and also people who always point out how many likes you have.

There are a plethora of signs to tell someone is clout chasing and I could go on and on but to sum it up, make sure people aren’t so engrossed into social media that they forget to talk to and get to know the actual human being in front of them. Pay attention to the signs and remember social media popularity doesn’t matter. Being your true, genuine self and putting positivity into the universe is what matters !

2 thoughts on “Are you interested in/dating a clout chaser ?

  1. Good post! I sometimes wonder myself why certain post of mine get X amount of likes. I take hiatus’ from social media sometimes too. People don’t talk/get to know each other the “old fashion way.” Keep it sis!

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