New beginnings

I can’t believe it’s already 2019. I feel like just the other day I was typing up my poem “I always hear the train” briefly ranting about my late night worries about having all of my shit together by 2020. Isn’t that crazy ? I was really up at 2a.m strictly stressing about my future, something I did quite often.

I’m aware I haven’t made a post since the beginning of December and it’s not because I haven’t had topics to write about or creative ideas but I’ve been scared. Yes, scared. Many people who may follow me or read my poetry/short stories may think I’m outspoken. Those people are terribly wrong. I always write what I feel but it wasn’t until this past year and a half that I even felt I was good enough to share my work with the world. Apparently, I’m good at this good to the point where people are actively anticipating my next post. That’s wild.

A lot of people try to be super structured and stick to the rules when it comes to traditional writing but not me. I’m using curse words, slang, raw truths and expressing my REAL opinions. So when people say I inspire them, it still shocks me. Inspire ? INSPIRE?! * soulja boy voice* ( if you haven’t watched the breakfast club interview immediately stop reading & go do that )

A few lessons 2018 taught me were: remain positive at ALL times, the energy you put out is what you receive, insecure people will make you feel insecure and self doubt is absolutely unnecessary! This past month has been eye opening for me and I have manifested so many good things into my life in such little time ! I have completely rid of all negative thoughts/energy from my mind. I am at peace. Manifestation is scary real but that’s a whole different topic I’ll touch on another day. I can’t wait to write more, feel more and love myself more this year. This is only the beginning !

Love you guys and thanks for supporting me in advance


One thought on “New beginnings

  1. I tell you all the time you have a gift! You have multiple gifts! Hello…. use them sis! I am so proud of the growth I’ve seen in you. Trust me, you do things to help others that I could never see myself doing. I love that you’re learning to embrace Zayana and keep Zayana happy. It’s so important that your energy and focus is in yourself. It’ll keep you centered. I’m learning that about myself. Trust me! As always, keep being great and doing great things! ❤️😘


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