Can I keep it real with ya’ll for a second ? This past week has been absolute hell, not because anything physically happened to me but I’ve been upset with myself.

Sometimes, I think myself into this information processing overload and it’s hard to stop. Everyday I try to remember what I’m grateful for & why I have a reason to keep going and these past couple of days, nothing has been working.

I hate that I go through things and feel so alone. Being alone & not having anything to do aside from laying in my bed & thinking even more makes things 100% worse !

Usually, I’ll go for a walk or go the beach or something & that’ll help but I didn’t have time to go.

Yesterday, I went to the pool by myself knowing it was closing in like 30 mins but it felt sooo good, I can’t explain it..I was the only black person in that damn pool by myself but a lady came and said one thing to me “It feels so good doesn’t it?” & that made me smile.. she then told me to enjoy the rest of my evening before she left..isn’t that crazy ? Another person simply acknowledging I was there gave me some sort of boost. I was like damn, maybe I’m not completely invisible.

As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes we just need people.

Be kind to strangers, you never know what type of day they’re having.

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